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Comprehensive Subdomain Enumeration Guide

Subdomain Enumeration Guide 2021 πŸ“–

This guide contains all the needed knowledge for performing a good subdomain enumeration. I have tried to cover each topic from a beginner's perspective. Each of the techniques used has a detailed explanation about why this technique was used and how to perform them. I have tried to link various gists, charts, statistics for a better understanding of the concept.
I have tried to include only those tools that yield the best results compared to other tools from the same category.
I'm too a beginner in this field and have tried my best to explain the right concepts. If you think any of the content is wrongly explained, I am always open to listening to you.
This guide may help you build your own recon methodology. I believe each one should have their own methodology and keep trying out new things and find out which fits best for them.
Last but not the least, I would like to thank six2dez for helping me in creating this detailed guide.
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