Vertical Enumeration
Vertical Enumeration or Vertical domain correlation is a process of finding out domains of the same root domain. This type of enumeration contains various techniques and can be automated too.
Here, we find different levels of subdomains of a particular root/main domain.
This includes various intensive techniques which we will see further in this guide.
  1. 1.
    Passive Techniques
    • Passive Sources
    • Certificates Logs
  2. 2.
    Active Techniques
    • DNS bruteforcing
    • Permutations
    • JS/Source Code Scraping
    • VHOST discovery
    • Google Analytics
    • Recursive Enumeration
    • Favicon Hashing
    • TLS, CSP, CNAME probing
  3. 3.
    Web probing
    • Default Ports
    • Common Ports
Each and every technique is explained in detail, so read out the whole guide.
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